February 2007
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Working groups launch wireless, remote I/O initiatives

Fieldbus Foundation welcomes Aniotek as newest member

Fieldbus Foundation finalizes General Assembly agenda

FOUNDATION training speeds product development

First 2007 Fieldbus seminars set for Ontario, Louisiana

Plan now to attend EMEA Fieldbus seminars

Fieldbus Center offers training for power, wire installers

Emerson wins contracts to install Fieldbus technology at KC utility

MTL introduces fieldbus temperature multiplexer

Rockwell program eases migration from legacy DCS

FOUNDATION fieldbus ASIC introduced for H1 devices

Working groups launch wireless, remote I/O initiatives

Fieldbus Foundation technical working groups of member volunteers recently held kickoff meetings for several new wireless and remote I/O development projects. These initiatives are intended to tighten the integration of process instrumentation within the FOUNDATION automation architecture.

Shell Global Solutions hosted the first wireless meeting in Amsterdam. The group is working to develop use cases and requirements for wireless communications stacks developed in accordance with ISA SP100 and future IEC work. It will also specify requirements for device interoperability and network configuration. Areas of emphasis include development and validation of profile specifications and development of device interoperability test and registration procedures.

Wireless working group members include:

  • Advanced Process Automation
  • Emerson Process Management
  • Endress+Hauser
  • Honeywell
  • Invensys Process Systems
  • Ise-Magtech
  • Microcyber Co. Ltd.
  • Pepperl+Fuchs
  • Phoenix Contact
  • R. Stahl
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Shell Global Solutions
  • Smar
  • Softing AG
  • TopWorx
  • Turck
  • Westlock Controls
  • Yokogawa Electric Co/

R. Stahl hosted the first remote I/O working group meeting at its facility in Waldenburg, Germany. This group will define use cases and develop a specification for standardizing the interface of remote I/O into the FOUNDATION automation infrastructure. The new specification will define the structure for interfacing remote I/O over the Fieldbus Foundation's High Speed Ethernet (HSE) control backbone.

Remote I/O working group members include:

  • ABB
  • APAT
  • Azonix Corp.
  • Emerson Process Management
  • Endress+Hauser PCPS
  • Microcyber Inc.
  • MTL
  • Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
  • R. Stahl
  • Smar
  • Softing AG
  • Sterling Valley Associates
  • Turck
  • Yokogawa Electric Co.

For more information on the progress of these working groups, send an e-mail to marketing@fieldbus.org.

Fieldbus Foundation welcomes Aniotek as newest member

Aniotek Inc., a privately held supplier of fieldbus development solutions, is the newest member of the Fieldbus Foundation. Aniotek provides ASICs and other fieldbus-specific components used in I/O devices, controllers, linking devices, and host interfaces. Ashok Gupta, a veteran member of the fieldbus technology community with more than 20 years experience in the process control industry, founded the company.

As the market for equipment implementing FOUNDATION technology expands, manufacturers, engineers, integrators, and educational institutions are joining the Fieldbus Foundation to gain first-hand knowledge of fieldbus control strategies.

Foundation member benefits include:

  • Licensed copy of the latest FOUNDATION specifications;
  • Intellectual property rights license allowing fieldbus technology development;
  • Discounts on development products and training courses;
  • Opportunity to sponsor end-user seminars, tradeshows, technical demonstrations, and other events;
  • Access to Fieldbus Forums (including members-only area), an online forum for discussing fieldbus-related issues; and
  • Opportunity to participate in technical and marketing teams driving the technology.

For membership information, send an e-mail to info@fieldbus.org.

Click here for a list of membership benefits and to download a membership application.

Fieldbus Foundation finalizes General Assembly agenda

Fieldbus Foundation has finalized the agenda for its 2007 General Assembly, to be held in Houston, TX, Feb. 22-23 at the Houstonian Hotel. This important annual event will feature presentations by leading FOUNDATION™ technology experts and end users.

The theme of this year's General Assembly, Changing the Playing Field, reflects the Fieldbus Foundation's emphasis on providing a total automation infrastructure management solution for industrial end users. The event will address key topics such as open scalable integration, process integrity, and business intelligence.

Highlighting the Thursday evening reception is a silent auction in support of the James O. Gray—Fieldbus Foundation Scholarship Fund. This program honors Jim Gray, a long-time supporter of the Fieldbus Foundation who passed away June 28, 2002. The auction is open to all attendees and will include items donated by Fieldbus Foundation members. Among the items up for bid are a 32-in. LCD Panasonic HDTV, XBox 360, iPod Shuffle, and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Fieldbus Foundation will conduct its annual business meeting for members only on Friday, Feb. 23.

Click here to download a PDF of the complete agenda.

Companies interested in sponsoring the 2007 General Assembly may e-mail marketing@fieldbus.org for more information.

Click here for more information about the 2007 General Assembly.

Click here for a registration form.

FOUNDATION training speeds product development

Fieldbus Foundation has scheduled developer training courses for in Austin, TX. Sign up now to attend and further your education on fieldbus technology enhancements.

Course Location Date
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Austin, TX, USA March 6, 2007
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Austin, TX, USA March 7-9, 2007
Developing FOUNDATION Device Descriptions Austin, TX, USA May 1-4, 2007

Course Descriptions:

Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus

This one-day vendor-neutral course is designed for developers, end users, marketing professionals, applications engineers, system integrators, and others interested in obtaining a fundamental knowledge of FOUNDATION technology. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts and new terminology related to the FOUNDATION integrated architecture. The technology introduces new terminology that control personnel must be confident with if they intend to be successful. Students will learn key strategies for wiring and installing a fieldbus network. Special emphasis will be placed on such design issues as power requirements, device types, and topologies.

Click here for more information on Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus

This three-day, vendor-neutral course is designed for manufacturers and developers of FOUNDATION hardware and software. It is intended for development engineers, test engineers, and those who wish to understand the detailed, inner workings of a FOUNDATION device. The course covers major tools used by fieldbus device developers. Students will learn bus monitor basics and apply this tool in interactive exercises demonstrating fieldbus communications and the use of filters for network troubleshooting.

Click here for more information on Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

Developing FOUNDATION Device Description

"Developing FOUNDATION Device Descriptions" examines sophisticated Device Description Language (DDL) constructs and techniques that make DDs feature-rich for end-users. Students will write DDs, organizing parameters into rich dialogs with images; display complex data in graphical format; and learn to preserve device data and retrieve them for later processing. In addition, the course will provide hands-on learning for writing and testing actual Device Descriptions using the FOUNDATION Fieldbus Device Description Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE).

Click here for more information on the Developing FOUNDATION Device Descriptions.

Click here to register for developer training courses.

Click here to review all course agendas and other course dates.

First 2007 Fieldbus seminars set for Ontario, Louisiana

Fieldbus Foundation's series of educational seminars for 2007 gets started with sessions in Sarnia, ON, Canada, on Feb. 28; and Lakes Charles, LA, on March 15. Oriented towards end users and engineering firms, these one-day instructional events describe how FOUNDATION technology is "Changing the Playing Field" for industrial automation.

The seminar presentation and demonstration focuses on the FOUNDATION automation infrastructure: open scalable integration, process integrity; and business intelligence. Local end users will present case studies about their experiences with the technology.

Be sure to sign up to attend the upcoming seminars!

Click here to register.

Click for more information on upcoming seminars.

Plan now to attend EMEA Fieldbus seminars

Fieldbus Foundation encourages end users and engineering firms to attend its upcoming 2007 EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Fieldbus educational seminars. These free classes offer material for new and experienced users of Foundation fieldbus systems. Take part in a seminar and learn about the infrastructure along with demonstrations on Open Scalable Integration, Process Integrity, and Business Intelligence.

Attendees receive a CD of presentation materials, technical guides, workshop handouts, and more. Exhibitors will display their latest products and solutions. Many seminars are planned throughout 2007. Don't miss out. Sign up to attend today!

For more information, click on the link next to the seminar you wish to attend.

Seminar Date
More Info
Middlesbrough, UK February 20, 2007 emea_info@fieldbus.org
Marl, Germany February 28, 2007 Click here for more info
Stein, The Netherlands April 18, 2007 emea_info@fieldbus.org
Assen, The Netherlands April 24, 2007 emea_info@fieldbus.org
Spijkenisse, The Netherlands April 25, 2007 emea_info@fieldbus.org
Kuwait April, 2007 To come
Bahrain December, 2007 To come

Fieldbus Center offers training for power, wire installers

Fieldbus Center at Lee College is now offering FOUNDATION technology instruction for power and wire installers. The new, two-day training course, "Fieldbus for power and wire installers," covers installation and testing of fieldbus physical layer components.

Class size is limited to 12. Students receive instruction in laying out, securing, terminating, and testing wiring for FOUNDATION device networks. Students learn the construction and testing practices needed to verify that installed fieldbus segments support system quality. Specific topics include: wire characteristics, polarities, shielding topologies, grounding topologies, power supplies, conditioners, terminators, termination techniques, surge protection, safety barriers, and repeaters.

The first day of training includes hands-on exercises involving testing un-powered and powered fieldbus segments with a variety of traditional and specialized test equipment. A second, optional day of instruction provides an in-depth look at Intrinsic Safety (IS) barriers, Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO), Fieldbus Non-Incendive Concept (FNICO), repeaters, and specialized diagnostics.

For more information, contact the Fieldbus Center at 832-556-4446 or click here to visit the Center's Website.

Emerson wins contracts to install Fieldbus technology at KC utility

Emerson Process Management won two contracts from Kansas City Power & Light to install its PlantWeb® digital plant architecture with the Ovation® expert control system at Iatan Units 1 and 2 in Platte County, MO. Both projects include extensive use of digital bus-based technologies: Unit 1 project includes 22 FOUNDATION fieldbus segments and 12 Profibus DP segments. Unit 2 incorporates 102 FOUNDATION fieldbus segments and 50 Profibus DP segments.

Under the first contract, Emerson will digitally automate Iatan Unit 2, a new 850-MW, coal-fired unit being built as part of KCP&L's plan to meet the future energy, environmental, and economic needs of the Kansas City area. The Ovation control system will monitor and control the unit's supercritical boiler, the burner management system, motors, sootblower, and balance of plant processes. It will connect with the unit's turbine and control the air quality control system (AQCS) for the unit's flue gas desulphurization (FGD) system.

Under the second contract, Emerson's Ovation system will also control the AQCS for the new FGD system that is being added as part of a pollution control upgrade project for Iatan Unit 1.

Click here to visit the PlantWeb Website and learn more.

MTL introduces fieldbus temperature multiplexer

The new 9331-TI fieldbus multiplexer from MTL is an 8-channel, bus-powered device that simplifies and reduces the cost of temperature inputs in a process plant. As a FOUNDATION fieldbus device, measurement status is available (good, bad or uncertain) as is sensor failure.

The 9331-TI fieldbus function block support includes eight analog input (AI) blocks, an 8-channel multiple analog input (MAI) block, and an input selector (IS) block providing basic logic such as minimum, maximum, mid-point, or average temperature. The device can be housed in a variety of field enclosures to suit end-user requirements. A range of standard enclosures are available and a custom systems capability satisfies projects that require more than one TI multiplexer per enclosure or combinations of Fieldbus barriers, TI multiplexers, and ancillary components.

The multiplexer's hazardous area certification provides intrinsically safe inputs when connected to an intrinsically safe fieldbus spur, or non-incendive Ex nL inputs when connected to a non-arcing Ex nA or non-incendive Ex nL fieldbus spur. It may be installed in a Zone 0 (gas) or Class 1 Div. 1 hazardous area or, when mounted in specific process junction boxes, in a Zone 20 (dust) hazardous area.

Click here for more from the MTL Website.

Rockwell program eases migration from legacy DCS

A new migration program from Rockwell Automation helps manufacturers replace aging DCS systems cost effectively with flexible and multi-disciplined Logix control platforms for improved productivity, lower costs, and easier access to parts and service.

The program is a response to a market gap created by vendors no longer supporting these DCS systems. It provides manufacturers with a phased approach that eliminates many of the costs, risks, and complexities involved with migrating legacy DCS systems, while providing a single platform for integrating process and discrete applications. Implementing one control platform across all plant-floor applications provides manufacturers with a number of advantages, including reduced spare parts requirements and lower maintenance and training costs.

Phase one of the program involves replacing legacy human-machine interface (HMI) consoles with Rockwell Software FactoryTalk® View Site HMI infrastructure. In phase two, legacy process controllers are replaced with Logix controllers, allowing reuse of existing I/O modules to maximize the return on the existing investment. In phase three, the legacy I/O infrastructure is removed and replaced with the Logix 1756-based I/O platform.

Rockwell Automation has also developed custom field termination unit cable that allows legacy I/O equipment to be removed without removing field wires, significantly reducing installation costs and risks associated with I/O replacement.

To learn more, click here to visit the Rockwell Automation Website.

FOUNDATION fieldbus ASIC introduced for H1 devices

FOUNDATION fieldbus technology provider Softing and Aniotek Inc. are offering a new fieldbus chip: UFC100-F1 (Unified Fieldbus Controller). The component provides a comprehensive, economical way to incorporate FF H1 technology into field devices. It is pin and software compatible with the Yamaha YTZ420 ("FIND1+").

Conformance, interoperability, and physical layer tests were performed to verify that the UFC100-F1 can replace the YTZ420 directly without alterations to existing hardware or software design. The UFC100-F1 is said to offer better performance in jitter tolerance and a larger FIFO memory resulting in fewer interrupts to the field device processor.

Integrated digital filter circuits reportedly provide significantly better noise immunity compared to the YTZ420. Very low power consumption and wide operating temperature make the chip well suited for use in bus-powered H1 devices. The progressive design of the controller offers additional functionality for firmware engineers to enhance future products significantly.

Softing and Aniotek say they are committed to ensuring long-term availability of the UFC100-F1 and a state-of-the-art production process enforces strict quality standards. The quality commitment is complemented by readily available support teams from both companies to assist in every step of the product development cycle.

For more details, click here to visit the Softing and the Aniotek Websites.


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