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China FIA show features major fieldbus exhibit

Fieldbus Foundation celebrates Asia-Pacific anniversary

Fieldbus end-user council meets In Singapore

Fieldbus marketing committee established in CIS, Baltic region

India hosts first FOUNDATION Fieldbus end-user event

Updated host profile specification released

List of registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus products grows

Podcast: Changing the Playing Field with FOUNDATION Technology

If it's the 2008 General Assembly, this must be Belgium

Educational seminars set for Kansas, Puerto Rico

French Marketing Committee announces end-user seminar

Educational events take FOUNDATION technology around the world

Developer training courses set for The Netherlands

Locate certified FOUNDATION training centers online

China FIA show features major fieldbus exhibit

The 5th annual Fieldbus Industrial Automation (FIA) tradeshow in Beijing, China, featured a major exhibit by the Fieldbus Foundation of FOUNDATION technology. Held July 17-19, 2007, at the China International Exhibition Centre, the event gave automation end users of all industries the chance to learn about developments in fieldbus technology and hear application results from leading process manufacturers.

FIA, founded in 2001, is a professional exhibition based on fieldbus development held in China. More than 200 domestic and foreign enterprises, as well as Chinese Academy of Sciences-related research institutes and companies, demonstrated the latest fieldbus solutions at the event, which also included technical seminars on various aspects of digital plant automation.

At the opening ceremony of the tradeshow, Fieldbus Foundation president and CEO Rich Timoney and other industry dignitaries marked the 10th anniversary of the introduction of FOUNDATION fieldbus to China's process control market. FOUNDATION technology has been rapidly accepted by Chinese end users and today is a leading solution for both Greenfield and Brownfield projects.

The Fieldbus Foundation also presented a seminar at the event describing how FOUNDATION technology is "Changing the Playing Field" in industrial automation. Presentations focused on the FOUNDATION automation infrastructure: open scalable integration, process integrity, and business intelligence.

Another seminar addressed the progress of Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) technology. EDDL is a universal, proven, state-of-the-art method for accessing diagnostic, real-time and asset management information contained in more than 20 million field instruments from a host of automation suppliers, and providing optimum data and device interoperability. All seminars were well attended.

The Fieldbus Foundation's 132-sq m booth featured four active FOUNDATION-compliant host systems and an extensive display of interoperable field devices, accessories, and supporting equipment. Booth traffic was busy all three days of the show. In addition, the FIA event hosted a comprehensive, multi-vendor exhibit of EDDL solutions. Virtually every process control system vendor worldwide supports EDDL, and the information it describes is available in any FOUNDATION fieldbus-, HART-, Profibus-based field device.

For more information about the Fieldbus Foundation, please visit the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

Fieldbus Foundation celebrates Asia-Pacific anniversary

The Fieldbus Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary of activity in the Asia-Pacific region on July 19, 2007, at the NUSS guildhouse at Suntec in Singapore. A crowd of automation suppliers and end users, including a veritable who's who in fieldbus in Singapore, attended.

Guest of honor at the gathering was Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO Rich Timoney, whose keynote address described the dream of a group of visionaries that became a reality—first, an industry-standard fieldbus technology, and then an automation infrastructure for operational excellence. Timoney praised the contributions of those who helped make FOUNDATION fieldbus the "technology of choice" for process automation in Asia and around the world.

Timoney's address was followed by remarks from Jonas Berge, president of the Fieldbus Foundation's Singapore marketing committee. Berge noted how "mega-projects" in the Asia-Pacific region are increasingly adopting FOUNDATION fieldbus on ever-larger scales. Following Berge's comments, attendees heard a fieldbus expert panel consisting of Mok Wing Kee, ExxonMobil; Leong Gim Heng, Shell; Dr. Joachim Zobel, Novartis; Stephen Weng, Yokogawa; Alvin Wong, Emerson Process Management; and Rich Timoney and Hisashi Sasajima, Fieldbus Foundation.

Questions to the fieldbus panel members from attendees yielded several interesting discussions. For example, it became clear that to fully benefit from digital architectures, the bus alone is not sufficient. The software that unleashes predictive diagnostic information must also be in place to complete the infrastructure. In addition, the discussion gave Timoney the opportunity to explain the latest developments within FOUNDATION fieldbus to better support intelligent device management according to NAMUR NE 107 recommendations. He also provided an update on the FF-SIF technology verification and the parallel development of engineering and operations best practices for safety bus.

Following the formal presentations, Hisashi Sasajima, the Fieldbus Foundation's vice president, Asia-Pacific operations, cut an anniversary cake and toasted the foundation's continued success. The evening ended on a high note with food, drink, and networking among industry associates.

For more information about the Fieldbus Foundation, please visit the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

Fieldbus end-user council meets In Singapore

A recent meeting of the Fieldbus Foundation's Singapore End User Council (EUC) discussed the latest progress in FOUNDATION technology and shared fieldbus application experiences. A large group of end users from many Singapore industries attended.

Chung Ock Jin, acting president of the Singapore EUC, opened the meeting outlining the proliferation of intelligent devices in process automation. The meeting's guest of honor, Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO Rich Timoney, spoke on "Changing the Playing Field." He said the scope of FOUNDATION technology makes it a process automation infrastructure—one of the most advanced and scalable solutions available. This infrastructure is supplier-neutral and standards-based, providing end users with a common framework to implement and manage strategies for operational excellence and continuous improvement in process manufacturing, said Timoney.

Jonas Berge, chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation's Singapore Marketing Society, spoke on "Keeping fieldbus systems and communicators up-to-date using EDDL." He explained the role of EDDL in the overall FOUNDATION infrastructure for process control. According to Berge, recent enhancements to the IEC 68104-3 EDDL technology add significant value to FOUNDATION fieldbus for diagnostics, setup, and calibration. These enhancements allow device manufacturers to neatly organize device information on tabs and in frames according to use. They can also include images illustrating wiring, block diagrams, or devices, as well as gauges and bar graphs for process variables and strip charts for trending.

Berge explained how the HTML-like characteristics of EDDL technology make FOUNDATION fieldbus a desirable long-term solution because it is not affected by upgrades or changes in operating systems. Enhanced EDDL also makes the technology more secure and robust since it is not executable and does not involve procedure calls between applications from different vendors. The importance of the management and administration of device management software for fieldbus devices was stressed.

For more information about the Fieldbus Foundation, please visit the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

Fieldbus marketing committee established in CIS, Baltic region

The Fieldbus Foundation has established a marketing committee for the Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic (CIS&B) region. The organization, established in response to the accelerating demand for new automation technology in the area, is made up of representatives of leading process automation companies and will promote the adoption of FOUNDATION fieldbus technology throughout the CIS&B market.

The Fieldbus Foundation CIS&B marketing committee (FF-CIS&B MC) was formally launched during the recent Moscow international oil and gas exhibition (MIOGE) June 26-29. The group will organize fieldbus-related activities, including training seminars, trade show displays, and end user demonstrations.

Participating companies include: Emerson Process Management, Honeywell, MTL/VSP, Pepperl+Fuchs, R. Stahl, and Yokogawa, with additional direct support by two representatives of the Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Steering Committee and a member of the Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Executive Advisory Council (EAC). The EMEA EAC is committed to ensuring that resources and materials are available to support the adoption of FOUNDATION technology within the CIS&B region.

At its inaugural meeting, the FF CIS&B MC named Dmitri Volkov (Emerson Process Management) as chairman, Vladimir Frolov (VSP/MTL) as vice-chairman, and Alexander Makhmudov (Stahl) as secretary.

Marc Van Pelt, vice president of Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Operations, welcomed the establishment of the committee. He said, "The market in the 15 states that make up the CIS and Baltic region is dynamic and emerging. The demand for new automation technology in the region is strong and the Fieldbus Foundation is responding positively to the increasing adoption of FOUNDATION technology and the high growth projections as reported in the recent ARC Advisory Group market study. This committee and its members will play an important role in promoting the primary value propositions of FOUNDATION technology, which include process integrity, business intelligence, and open and scalable integration of information across process manufacturing plants."

Responding to the market's immediate need for education and training, the FF CIS&B committee scheduled a series of educational seminars to be held across the region so that end users, EPCs, and consultants might learn more about the implementation of FOUNDATION technology. The seminars will address the economics of implementing FOUNDATION fieldbus with particular reference to the CAPEX and OPEX savings achievable; standards and interoperability; physical layer design process; project implementation; asset optimization; open, scalable integration; process integrity, and business intelligence. The first seminar will be held in Moscow in October, the second in Kiev in November, and the third in St. Petersburg in Feb. 2008.

The committee plans to hold additional seminars in 2008 and establish an end user council (EUC) in the region to enable users of FOUNDATION technology to share experiences and develop best practices.

Dmitri Volkov, CIS&B Marketing Committee Chairman, said he is looking forward to the seminars, "There is great enthusiasm in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic states to learn how to apply digital technologies for maximum value. We are committing ourselves to work in partnership with consultants, engineering contractors, and end users to apply FOUNDATION fieldbus for better business results."

For more information, email or visit the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

India hosts first FOUNDATION Fieldbus end-user event

The Fieldbus Foundation's recently established India Marketing Committee (FFIMC) conducted its first end-user event on July 24, 2007, at the Hotel Intercontinental in Mumbai, India. A cross-section of automation end users from industry throughout India attended the event.

Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO Rich Timoney gave the keynote address. Hisashi Sasajima, the foundation's vice president, Asia/Pacific operations, updated FOUNDATION fieldbus marketing activities in the Asia/Pacific region. Other speakers included Jonas Berge, Emerson Process Management; Klaus Korstein, Endress+Hauser; Andreas Agostin, MTL; Dr. Gunther Kegel, Pepperl+Fuchs; B.R. Mehta, Reliance Industries; and A.K. Rout, ONGC.

Out of some 274 registered attendees, more than 200 were end users/EPCs. Event organizers said the turnout was the largest Fieldbus Foundation marketing committee event ever. The Fieldbus Foundation plans to establish a formal End User Council (EUC) in India and also seek legal entity status.

Learn more about upcoming FFIMC events.


Updated host profile specification released

The FF-569 Version 2.0 Host Interoperability Support Test Profile and Procedures Specification is now available. The new release includes updated FOUNDATION fieldbus host profiles and features defining interoperability requirements and test procedures leading to host registration. Hosts successfully completing registration testing will be authorized to use the foundation's official product registration symbol.

Developed by the Fieldbus Foundation's System Integration and Maintenance (SIM) Working Group, FF-569 Version 2.0 is the basis for the foundation's new Host Profile Test & Registration Program, which will supersede the existing Host Interoperability Support Test (HIST) program.

In the FOUNDATION fieldbus automation infrastructure, host profiles are a key to system interoperability. They define required features for different classes of hosts, including Class 61 Integrated Hosts, Class 62 Visitor Hosts, and Class 63/64 Bench Hosts.

Host registration benefits automation suppliers and end users. As with the current device registration process, it will strengthen fieldbus interoperability and system integration. The updated specification is easier to understand than current specifications, and eliminates inconsistent features in favor of defined host profiles.

Fieldbus Foundation Manager-Fieldbus Products Stephen Mitschke said, "The FF-569 Version 2.0 Host Profile Specification enhances the procedures for testing and enables registering FOUNDATION fieldbus hosts. The updated host profile specifications were developed through the cooperation of leading device suppliers, host vendors, and end users. Every effort has been made to provide the industry with a robust solution for verifying fieldbus system interoperability."

The Fieldbus Foundation is developing a host test kit that will allow vendors to pre-test their host before submitting it for testing and registration by the foundation. The kit works with the new specification to apply functional testing to host applications and verify that host features are properly implemented. The Host Profile Registration Process (FF-525) will be available for download after the release of the test kit.

To review the frequently asked questions about the new Host Test Kit, click here.

List of registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus products grows

The Fieldbus Foundation's registered product catalog continues to grow. If you are interested in the latest available new equipment, check out the most recently registered devices below:

New registrations for July:

New registrations for August:

Click here to review all available registered devices.

Podcast: Changing the Playing Field with FOUNDATION Technology

Click here to listen to the Podcast.

If it's the 2008 General Assembly, this must be Belgium

The Fieldbus Foundation's 2008 General Assembly will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, on February 27-29. The annual event at the Antwerp Hilton Hotel is open to Fieldbus Foundation members and non-members and is expected to draw FOUNDATION technology suppliers, end users, and industry participants from around the world.

The theme of this year's General Assembly, "Why FOUNDATION has become THE Standard" reflects the wide use of FOUNDATION fieldbus in the process industries, providing a total control system technology infrastructure for industrial manufacturing to enable significant plant performance and economic improvements. Unlike a traditional control platform, FOUNDATION technology is intended to unify open, scalable integration; process integrity; and business intelligence into a single, plant wide solution.

Marc Van Pelt, vice-president of Fieldbus Foundation-EMEA Operations, welcomed the European venue for the meeting. "Process end users in Europe and the surrounding areas recognize the advantages of FOUNDATION fieldbus, and are embracing the technology like their counterparts around the world. FOUNDATION fieldbus now has a strong foothold in the European chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries as well as many other general process industries. Antwerp is the largest petrochemical production center in Europe and is ranked, worldwide, second after Houston, Texas, USA. It is an extremely appropriate venue for this key annual fieldbus event."

The 2008 General Assembly begins Wed., Feb. 27, with an overview of current Fieldbus Foundation developments around the globe. The general program on Wed. and Thurs. includes end-user presentations by industry experts focused on process integrity, open scalable integration, business intelligence, asset management, factory site acceptance testing, commissioning, and troubleshooting in the context of the end user's own worldwide FOUNDATION fieldbus implementation experiences in a wide range of process industry applications. Supporting demonstrations, vendor visits, and question-and-answer sessions will allow an active exchange of experiences and insights.

A reception the evening of opening day will feature a keynote address by Dr. Norbert Kuschnerus, president of the NAMUR Board of Management and senior vice president, Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany. Dr. Kuschnerus will discuss how end users like Bayer can fully use enabling fieldbus technology capabilities now and in the future.

On Friday, Feb. 29, the Fieldbus Foundation will hold its annual business meeting for members only. Non-members are invited to participate in end-user training workshops on such topics as engineering, implementation, and maintenance. Fieldbus Foundation technical personnel will be available to share their expertise. Hands-on practical training will be included. In addition, major control system and instrumentation suppliers will provide a tabletop exhibition showcasing working demonstrations of the latest FOUNDATION products, solutions, and services.

Stay current on the 2008 General Assembly. The agenda and registration details will be available on the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

Educational seminars set for Kansas, then Puerto Rico

Process industry end users and engineers are encouraged to attend one of the upcoming fieldbus educational seminars in Overland Park, Kansas, USA on Sept. 25, or San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Oct. 11. Now is the time to learn about "Changing the Playing Field" with FOUNDATION system technology!



September 25, 2007

Overland Park, KS; Marriott Kansas City Overland Park Hotel

October 11, 2007

San Juan, PR; Marriott San Juan Resort & Stellaris Casino Hotel

These FREE one-day educational seminars cover the entire technology infrastructure, and include demonstrations on open, scalable integration; process integrity; and business intelligence. In the afternoon, local end-users will talk about their experiences with the technology.

Attendees will receive a CD of presentation materials, technical guides, workshop presentation handouts, and much more. Complimentary refreshments and a buffet lunch are provided.

Don't miss out! Click here and sign up to attend today!

French Marketing Committee announces end-user seminar

The Fieldbus Foundation's French Marketing Committee (FF FMC) will hold its next end-user seminar on Thurs., Oct. 4 in Lille, France.

The half-day seminar will focus on FOUNDATION fieldbus solutions and their benefits and advantages for end users. A demonstration of live FOUNDATION devices from several member companies will show attendees the range of products available to the industry and their interoperability.

Existing and potential end users, engineering contractors, and other implementers of FOUNDATION technology will be able to share and discuss their application experiences during a buffet lunch. The seminar is scheduled to run from 10 am to 3 pm in the heart of the Euralille business quarter in Lille opposite the TGV train station and close to the Vieux Lille area.

For more information or to register, email

Educational events take FOUNDATION technology around the world

A selection of FOUNDATION technology educational events are being offered in a variety of locations around the world later this year and into next. Don't miss attending one of these free, one-day sessions for end users, contractors, and implementers of FOUNDATION fieldbus.

The seminar schedule includes:




Overland Park, KS

Sept. 25, 2007

Click here

Lille, France

Oct. 4, 2007


San Juan, PR Oct. 11, 2007 Click here
Chengdu, China Nov. 11, 2007 Email

Grangemouth, Scotland

Nov. 27, 2007


Bahrain Dec. 4-5, 2007 Click here

Reading, England

Jan. 29. 2008


Cardiff, Wales

Mar. 4, 2008


The events will include material for new and experienced FOUNDATION technology users. The comprehensive program will address topics such as fieldbus economics and project control (specifically Capex and Opex savings), implementation of asset management, and such current technical developments as physical layer diagnostics, fault tolerant segment design, High Speed Ethernet (HSE), and device interoperability using enhanced Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL).

Focused on the end user, the sessions will let attendees participate in question-and-answer sessions at which implementers of FOUNDATION technology will discuss installation experiences. Copies of the presentations and supporting technical documentation will be available.

Complimentary refreshments and a buffet lunch will be provided.

For more information on the two North American events, click here.

For more information on the three UK events, email

For more information on the French event, email

For more information on the Bahrain event, click here.

For more information on the China event, email

Developer training courses set for The Netherlands

A series of FOUNDATION technology developer training courses will be held in Brielle, The Netherlands, in October. Don't miss the final course this year offered by the Fieldbus Foundation. Sign up now!

Course Location Date Final registration deadline
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Brielle, The Netherlands Oct. 9, 2007 September 25, 2007
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Brielle, The Netherlands Oct.10-12, 2007 September, 2007
Developing FOUNDATION Device Description Brielle, The Netherlands Oct. 15-18, 2007 October 1, 2007

Course descriptions:

Introduction to FOUNDATION fieldbus

One-day, vendor-neutral course is designed for developers, end users, marketing professionals, applications engineers, system integrators, and others interested in obtaining a fundamental knowledge of FOUNDATION technology. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts and new terminology related to the FOUNDATION integrated architecture. The technology introduces new terminology that control personnel must understand to be successful. Students will learn key strategies for wiring and installing a fieldbus network. Design issues such as power requirements, device types, and topologies will be emphasized.

Click here for more information on this course.

Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION fieldbus

Three-day, vendor-neutral course is designed for manufacturers and developers of FOUNDATION hardware and software. It is intended for development engineers, test engineers, and those who wish to understand the detailed, inner workings of a FOUNDATION device. The course covers major tools used by fieldbus device developers. Students will learn bus monitor basics and participate in interactive exercises demonstrating fieldbus communications and the use of filters for network troubleshooting.

Click here for more information on this course.

Developing FOUNATION Device Description

"Developing FOUNDATION Device Descriptions" examines sophisticated Device Description Language (DDL) constructs and techniques that make DDs feature-rich for end users. Students will write DDs, organizing parameters into rich dialogs with images; display complex data in graphical format; and learn to preserve device data and retrieve them for later processing. The course will also provide hands-on learning for writing and testing actual Device Descriptions using the FOUNDATION Fieldbus Device Description Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE).

Click here for more information on this course.

Register now for a developer training course.

Review all course agendas and other course dates.

Locate certified FOUNDATION training centers online

Automation end users interested in fieldbus training will find a complete list of global, certified FOUNDATION training centers on the Fieldbus Foundation's Website.

Current certified training sites include:

  • Fieldbus Center at Lee College, Baytown, Texas USA
  • Tri-State University, Angola, Indiana USA
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
  • STC, Brielle, The Netherlands
  • Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Yanshan University, Beijing, China
  • BIS Prozesstechnik, Frankfurt, Germany

The centers provide comprehensive fieldbus instructional courses for end users at all skill levels. On-site classes may be arranged for companies training large groups.

Click here for more training information.

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