November 2007 – Part 1
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Registration opens for 2008 General Assembly

Interview: Early adopters discuss EDDL enhancements

Norwegian marketing committee promotes FOUNDATION technology

Update: Enhanced tools released for creating Device Descriptions

List of registered products grows: NEW device registration

EMEA end users meet in London

Scotland to host UK end-user seminars

ISA Brazil includes FOUNDATION technology display

Global events calendar: Plan your 2007-2008 events

Tour for the Americas: Seven end-user seminars set

Developer training: 2008 schedule released

Fieldbus Center offers power & wire installer course

Registration opens for 2008 General Assembly

Registration is open for the Fieldbus Foundation's 2008 General Assembly!

The gathering will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, Feb. 27-29, 2008 at the Antwerp Hilton Hotel. Open to Fieldbus Foundation members and non-members, the annual event will include Foundation technology suppliers, end users, and industry participants from around the world. The theme, "Why FOUNDATION Has Become The Standard," reflects FOUNDATION fieldbus as the global "technology-of-choice" for process automation. FOUNDATION technology now holds a major share of European chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas markets, as well as many other process industries.

An overview of current Fieldbus Foundation developments across the globe will open the meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 27. The program will include end-user presentations on process integrity, open scalable integration, and business intelligence. Supporting demonstrations and Q&A sessions will allow attendees to share experiences and technology insights.

A keynote address by Dr. Norbert Kuschnerus, President of the NAMUR Board of Management and Senior Vice President, Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany will highlight an evening reception. Dr. Kuschnerus will discuss how end users like Bayer can use the enabling capabilities of fieldbus technology now and in the future.

The Fieldbus Foundation will conduct its annual business meeting for members only on Friday, Feb. 29. During this time, end-user workshops on topics such as fieldbus engineering, implementation, and maintenance will be available to attendees at a local academic institution: ACTA (Antwerp Center for Applied Automation). The sessions will give participants hands-on training experience on live segments.

A technology showcase also will be available throughout the General Assembly with major control system and instrumentation suppliers displaying the latest FOUNDATION fieldbus products, solutions, and services.

Register now.

Are you interested in sponsoring the Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly? E-mail

Interview: Early adopters discuss EDDL enhancements

Two early adopters of the latest revisions to Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) took time recently to discuss their implementation of this advanced technology with Fieldbus Facts.

EDDL is a universal, proven, and state-of-the-art method for accessing the diagnostic, real-time, and asset management information in more than 20 million field instruments from a host of manufacturers, and providing optimum data and device interoperability. It is employed in an operating system (OS) and human machine interface (HMI) neutral environment and enables a host system manufacturer to create an engineering environment that eliminates the need for custom software drivers for each device type.

EDDL supports device diagnostics, asset management, user interface displays, bar charts, trends, device signatures, and historian functions. These enhancements were submitted to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and a revision to the international standard was approved in 2006 as IEC 61804-3. The revisions substantially increased performance through improvements in the capabilities of user interfaces and data storage.

In the exchange that follows, Bob Lattimer, Emerson Process Management, and Pasi Heikkinen, Metso Automation, offer their perspectives on the future of EDDL and the current EDD 5.0 technology.

Fieldbus Facts: What are the advantages of enhanced EDDL over a standard fieldbus device?

Lattimer: The revisions to EDDL add the visualization portion of the user interface to EDDL. Visualization means defining how data are presented to the user in things like tabbed dialog boxes. Before the enhancements, the only thing the Electronic Device Description (EDD) defined were data types, labels, help text, access rules, and menus. Arguably, menus define certain aspects of the user interface visualization, but only enough for small handheld devices.

In addition to tabbed dialog boxes, other useful visual elements such as graphic images, charts, and graphs allow for a much more intuitive presentation of complex sets of data. Local data storage is another enhancement that further extends what can be done with the user interface. For example, drifts in calibration data can be saved and presented in a graphical form to help analyze potential problems with equipment.

Heikkinen: Enhanced EDDL, compared to standard EDD/DD, make it possible to create a graphical user interface into intelligent field device features.

Fieldbus Facts: Why was your company an early adopter/producer of EDDL?

Lattimer: Today's field devices contain a very rich set of information and functionality. Emerson's devices are a good example with the advanced diagnostic capabilities of our valves and transmitters, multi-variable transmitters, and soft sensors like our fully compensated mass flow function block. This increased capability adds to the complexity of the device. The EDDL enhancements allow us to simplify the user experience.

Heikkinen: Metso Automation is continuously enhancing the integration of Neles intelligent valve controllers to all automation systems. We are working very actively to support standardized and open user interface technologies such as FDT/DTM and EDD. To provide an opportunity for customers to enjoy the benefits of our ND9000 valve controller with all FOUNDATION fieldbus systems, we decided to develop an EDD for systems supporting only EDDL.

Fieldbus Facts: What new features are end users most excited about?

Lattimer: I would say users are anxious to realize the benefits of charts and graphs, cross-block configuration wizards, and task-oriented user interfaces.

Heikkinen: In my opinion, process plants seek a graphical, user-friendly interface into on-line information of device performance and diagnostics.

Fieldbus Facts: How easily did you implement EDDL for your product?

Lattimer: EDDL is very simple and intuitive for our engineers to use. The extensions follow that same model. Anyone familiar with writing EDDs can easily pick up and use the enhancements.

Heikkinen: I think EDDL is rather novel technology; this comes up during EDD implementation. There were some limitations in EDD features supported by host systems compared to the current specification. EDD implementation requires programming skills and good device knowledge. When those skills are put together, practical EDD implementation, evaluation, and testing is a rather straightforward procedure.

Fieldbus Facts: What features have you implemented in your EDDs?

Lattimer: In one case, we are using charts to display live advanced diagnostic measurements. In another instance, a graphic image makes the definition of configuration parameters very clear. We also have a graph showing the echo profile of a tank from one of our radar level gauges. In addition, we are using conditional graphic images to display the status of a device in a very user-friendly way. The GOOD status will change to NEED MAINTENANCE or BAD depending on the health of the device.

Heikkinen: Our EDD implementation covers features of the Neles ND9000F valve controller, including device configuration, device calibration, some parts of diagnostics, and off-line tests.

Fieldbus Facts: Are you planning additional enhancements for your products?

Lattimer: Yes, we are very excited about the robust capabilities provided by the EDDL enhancements. Every one of Emerson's FOUNDATION fieldbus devices will be getting a facelift.

Heikkinen: After more customer feedback, we will have a better idea of possible areas for improvement. When we release new enhancements to our intelligent valve controller, we will naturally update interfaces to support those new features.

Click here for more information on EDDL technology.

Norwegian marketing committee promotes FOUNDATION technology

Members of the new Norwegian marketing committee include (left to right): Einar S. Huse, Norex/MTL; John van der Geer, Yokogawa; Karl Gustav Halvorsen, Danyko/Turck; Knut Glenna, Emerson Process Management; Rune Olav Strandås, ABB; Per Grønstein, Pepperl+Fuchs; Even Fladberg, Endress+Hauser; Marc Van Pelt, Fieldbus Foundation.

The Fieldbus Foundation's new Norwegian marketing committee (FF-NO MC) will promote the adoption of FOUNDATION technology throughout the Norwegian market through end-user focused activities including training seminars, discussion forums, and trade show participation.

At its inaugural meeting, the FF-NO MC named an interim board. Members include Knut Glenna (Emerson Process Management), chairman; Even Fladberg (Endress+Hauser), secretary; Per Groenstein (Pepperl+Fuchs), treasurer/marketing; and Einar Huse (Norex/MTL), marketing officer. Other participating companies are ABB, Danyko/Turck, Honeywell, Invensys, R. Stahl, and Yokogawa.

Welcoming the establishment of the committee, Marc Van Pelt, vice-president of Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Operations, said, "The demand for FOUNDATION technology within the global oil and gas and hydrocarbon processing industries is well established, but there is a particularly dynamic and strong market for new automation technology in the North Sea offshore region and Norway. The Norwegian committee will play an important role in promoting the primary value propositions of FOUNDATION technology, which include process integrity, business intelligence, and open and scalable integration of information across process manufacturing plants."

The committee's plans for 2007-2008 include exhibiting at the PA-Messen 2007 exhibition in Oslo, Oct. 9-11, 2007; developing an end-user seminar schedule; establishing a local End User Council (EUC); and forming a close working relationship with the Norwegian Industry Association for Electrotechnology and Automation (IFEA) and the Norwegian Society of Automatic Control (NFA).

For more information, email or visit the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

Update: Enhanced tools released for creating Device Descriptions

by Mike Stathopoulos, Product Support Specialist, Fieldbus Foundation

This year the Fieldbus Foundation released a maintenance update to the Device Description Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE) tool to allow developers to write, test, and debug Device Description (DD) files for devices all in one application.

The update contains such improvements as integrated help for the code editor, viewing line numbers in the project source files, and the ability to add local parameters to blocks imported from the standard DD Library. One of the more notable enhancements was the build information of the DD tools and libraries used to create the DDs. This was added to aid the foundation in verifying DDs during testing and registration.

In 2008, the foundation will release an update to the DD-IDE with some significant enhancements requested by end users. One key enhancement will be the ability to implement device-level menus and methods in DDs. This will give the end user access to multiple blocks and executing methods for reading and modifying the different block's parameters from a central interface to the device. Once the manufacturer implements these enhancements, an end-user technician could run one calibration method that uses several transducer and function blocks—a more efficient technique than the current model of executing methods from each block. Other enhancements will include support for Unicode text and the addition of Grid interface in the DD-IDE.

Email for more information about the DD-IDE and the upcoming new release.

List of registered products grows: NEW device registration

The Fieldbus Foundation's registered product catalog continues to grow. If you are interested in the latest available new equipment, check out the catalog and the most recently registered device, listed below:

New registration for November:

Endress+Hauser—Prosonic Flow 82

Click here to review all available registered devices.

EMEA end users meet in London

Thirty-five delegates participated in the Fieldbus Foundation's second combined EMEA User and Industry Association Consultation Meeting and EMEA Annual Marketing conference. The three-day event, held at the Engineering Employers' Federation headquarters in London Sept. 17-19, 2007, included representatives from major users of FOUNDATION technology and industry associations and members of the Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Executive Advisory Council (EMEA EAC), the EMEA Steering Committee, and the global Fieldbus Foundation End User Advisory Council (EUAC).

Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO Rich Timoney opened the EMEA User and Industry Association Consultation meeting. He reiterated the market position of FOUNDATION technology, which should no longer be perceived as merely a communications network, but as an automation infrastructure that provides process integrity, business intelligence, and open scalable integration across the process plant.

Dr. Graeme Philp, chairman elect of the EMEA EAC, reviewed the fieldbus market and shared his observations about the status of digital communications and said the Fieldbus Foundation's current technology developments—including High Speed Ethernet (HSE) remote I/O, Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF), and wireless communications—will lead to an exciting future within the process control industry.

A key part of the first day's agenda was an open forum during which fieldbus experts discussed the implementation of FOUNDATION technology and the reinstatement of a working European End User Council (EEUC). The EEUC is made up of representatives from FOUNDATION technology users and industry associations and now includes Shell Global Solutions, BP Exploration, Evonik Industries, Shin-etsu, Degussa, Ineos Chlor, Novartis, Sabic, NAMUR (Germany), WIB (the Netherlands), Evaluation International (UK), Exera (France), and the Institute of Measurement & Control (UK). The EEUC and other EUCs in Canada, Australia, Middle East, Japan, and North America provide vital input to the Fieldbus Foundation's worldwide End User Advisory Council (EUAC). The EUAC—chaired by John Rezabek, a controls specialist at ISP's butanediol plant, Lima, Ohio, USA—is instrumental in ensuring that the Fieldbus Foundation's technical developments meet the needs of today's automation end users.

During the annual EMEA marketing and strategic planning meeting on the second and third days of the conference, past and future marketing activities throughout the EMEA region were discussed. Fieldbus Foundation regional marketing committees are currently established in Belgium, CIS&B, France, Germany, Central Eastern Europe/Hungary, Italy, Middle East, Netherlands, Norway, and the UK. Establishment of committees in South Africa and Sweden is underway.

A major focus of the committees is to organize local training and demonstration seminars for end users, EPCs, and consulting engineers to allow for the exchange of experiences and the familiarization of FOUNDATION technology as an automation infrastructure for operational excellence across the process enterprise. Events scheduled for late 2007 and early 2008 include seminars across the EMEA region; the Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly, Antwerp, Belgium, February 27-29, 2008; a Safety Instrumented Functions (FF-SIF) demonstration and press day at Shell Global Solutions Amsterdam facility in The Netherlands, May 20, 2008; and participation at trade fairs, including Interkama, Hannover, Germany, April 21-25, 2008 and HET Instrument, Utrecht, The Netherlands, April 20-23, 2008.

MTL hosted this year's EMEA conference. The 2008 meeting will be hosted by Endress+Hauser, Basel, Switzerland, in September.

Click here to see the complete schedule of events on the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

Scotland to host UK end-user seminars

The next series of end-user seminars from the Fieldbus Foundation UK National Marketing Committee (FF UK NMC) will take place at the Inchyra Grange Hotel near Grangemouth, Scotland. The first event is set for Tuesday, Nov. 27.

The free session is intended for current or prospective end users, contractors, specifiers and implementers of FOUNDATION fieldbus. Presentations on each element of the Fieldbus Foundation's infrastructure management model will take place throughout the morning. They include:

  • Business Intelligence: FOUNDATION technology provides a high degree of business intelligence at the infrastructural level through client/server technology and supports business processes such as production management, asset management, and enterprise level applications. It also offers extensive diagnostics and enhanced capabilities for tracking, tracing, validation, and regulatory compliance.
  • Process Integrity: FOUNDATION technology ensures that the network remains operational and that control in the field is enabled through the use of its extensive function block structure. The new FOUNDATION Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) concept is expected to revolutionize safety and critical control systems.
  • Open, Scalable Integration: FOUNDATION technology offers unlimited scalability and can be implemented on process automation systems from the largest to the smallest. Its openness and non-reliance on a particular operating system or supplier platform makes it easy to adapt to new standards.

Refreshments will be available throughout the morning and attendees are invited to stay for a complimentary lunch at the hotel following the presentations.

John S. Hartley, chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation UK marketing committee, said he is pleased with the success of the organization's seminar series: "The UK marketing committee is taking its seminars to venues across the UK. Seminars have already taken place in the North East and North West of England and, after the event in Scotland, we will be going to Ireland, Wales, and the South of England in the next few months."

To register for the Grangemouth end user seminar, e-mail: or contact Sally Green, tel: 01933 408502, fax: 01933 408501.

For more information about activities in the UK and Ireland region, email or visit the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

For more information about the EMEA End User Council, email

ISA Brazil includes FOUNDATION technology display

The Fieldbus Foundation will present a major display of FOUNDATION fieldbus technology at ISA Brazil 2007, Nov. 27-29, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The exhibit is expected to be one of the largest fieldbus displays ever offered in Latin America.

This important annual event serves the control and instrumentation community in Brazil. Industry studies show Brazil as one of the world's fastest growing industrial markets with an increased demand for automation equipment used in both Greenfield and Brownfield projects.

Fieldbus Foundation stand #102 will include information explaining how FOUNDATION fieldbus is "Changing the Playing Field" in industrial automation, and will feature a "Wall of Fame" of registered fieldbus devices from leading control equipment suppliers. In addition, fieldbus end user presentations will be available each day of the show. Attendees can meet with fieldbus experts to learn about current technology developments around the globe.

Don't miss this opportunity to see the latest FOUNDATION fieldbus equipment and plant automation solutions. Plan now to attend ISA Brazil! For more information, email

Global events calendar: Plan your 2007-2008 events

The Fieldbus Foundation offers many informational and educational events around the globe. A variety is listed below. Make plans now to attend an event in your area.

Grangemouth, Scotland Nov. 27, 2007

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar

Sao Paulo, Brazil Nov. 27-29, 2007 ISA Brazil (Fieldbus Foundation at Stand #102)
New Delhi, India Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2007 Fieldbus Foundation participates at the Delhi, India ISA Show
Bahrain Dec. 4-5, 2007 FOUNDATION Fieldbus Seminar: Multaqa 2007
Click here for more information

Reading, England

Jan. 29. 2008

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar

Antwerp, Belgium Feb. 27-28, 2008 Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly 2008
Click here for more information

Cardiff, Wales

Mar. 4, 2008 FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar
Houston, Texas, USA April 10, 2008 FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar
Click here for more information
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA May 8, 2008 FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar
Click here for more information
Mexico City, Mexico June 10, 2008 FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar
Click here for more information

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sept. 11, 2008

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar
Click here for more information

Pleasanton, California, USA Oct. 2, 2008 FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar
Click here for more information
Savannah, Georgia, USA Nov. 6, 2008 FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar
Click here for more information

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Nov. 20, 2008 FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User Seminar
Click here for more information

Click here for a complete list events.

Tour for the Americas: Seven end-user seminars set

The Fieldbus Foundation has announced its 2008 End User Seminar Tour for the Americas. Free, one-day seminars will teach attendees how the foundation is "Changing the Playing Field" in industrial automation. The scope of FOUNDATION technology makes it a process automation infrastructure—one of the most advanced and scalable solutions available.

Seminar topics include:

  • Open, scalable Integration
  • Process integrity
  • Business intelligence

Seminar locations and dates in 2008 include:

  • Houston, TX; April 10
  • Cherry Hill, NJ, May 8
  • Mexico City, Mexico, June 10
  • Calgary, AB, Canada, Sept. 11
  • Pleasanton, CA, Oct. 2
  • Savannah, GA, Nov. 6
  • Chicago, IL, Nov. 20

FOUNDATION fieldbus seminars carry Professional Development Hours (PDH) and include lunch.

Click here to register.

Developer training: 2008 schedule released

The Fieldbus Foundation will conduct developer training in key locations around the globe throughout 2008. Locations include: Austin, TX; Brielle, The Netherlands; and Tokyo, Japan. Two courses will be offered: "Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus" and "Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus."

2008 Developer Training Schedule:

Course Location Date

Early registration deadline
(15% discount)

Final registration deadline
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Brielle, The Netherlands March 4, 2008 Jan. 8, 2008 Feb. 12, 2008
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Brielle, The Netherlands March 5-7, 2008 Jan. 8, 2008 Feb. 12, 2008
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Austin, Texas, USA March 18, 2008 Jan. 22, 2008 Feb. 26, 2008
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Austin, Texas, USA March 19-21, 2008 Jan. 22, 2008 Feb. 26, 2008
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Tokyo, Japan To be determined To be determined To be determined
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Tokyo, Japan To be determined To be determined To be determined
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Austin, Texas, USA July 22, 2008 May 27, 2008 July 1, 2008
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Austin, Texas, USA July 23-25, 2008 May 27, 2008 July 1, 2008
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Brielle, The Netherlands Nov. 4, 2008 Sept. 9, 2008 Oct. 14, 2008
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Brielle, The Netherlands Nov. 5-7, 2008 Sept. 9, 2008 Oct. 14, 2008

Training course details:

Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus

One-day, vendor-neutral course is designed for developers, end users, marketing professionals, applications engineers, system integrators, and others interested in obtaining a fundamental knowledge of FOUNDATION technology. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts and new terminology related to the FOUNDATION integrated architecture. The technology introduces new terminology that control personnel must understand to be successful. Students will learn key strategies for wiring and installing a fieldbus network. Design issues such as power requirements, device types, and topologies will be emphasized.

Click here for more information on this course.

Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION fieldbus

Three-day, vendor-neutral course is designed for manufacturers and developers of FOUNDATION hardware and software. It is intended for development engineers, test engineers, and those who wish to understand the detailed, inner workings of a FOUNDATION device. The course covers major tools used by fieldbus device developers. Students will learn bus monitor basics and participate in interactive exercises demonstrating fieldbus communications and the use of filters for network troubleshooting.

Click here for more information on this course.

To register today, click here.

Fieldbus Center offers power & wire installer course

A FOUNDATION fieldbus training course for power & wire installers is available from the Fieldbus Center at Lee College, Baytown, TX. The one-day course, "Fieldbus for Power and Wire Installers," covers installation and testing of fieldbus physical layer components.

The new course is limited to 12 students at a time and provides instruction in laying out, securing, terminating, and testing wiring used for FOUNDATION fieldbus device networks. Students also learn the construction and testing practices needed to verify that installed fieldbus segments support system quality. Topics covered include: wire characteristics, polarities, shielding topologies, grounding topologies, power supplies, conditioners, terminators, termination techniques, surge protection, safety barriers, and repeaters.

Training includes hands-on exercises testing un-powered and powered fieldbus segments with a variety of traditional and specialized test equipment. Intrinsic Safety (IS) barriers, Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO), Fieldbus Non-incendive Concept (FNICO), repeaters, and specialized diagnostics are also covered.

Contact the Fieldbus Center at 832.556.4446 or visit its Website.

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