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Implementing a FOUNDATION Fieldbus Project - User Guide Series 2013


user_guide_page_webThe User Guide - Implementing a FOUNDATION Fieldbus Project has been published in eight parts containing chapters and sections that have developed into a final, complete document.

Each Part of the User Guide series highlights the various aspects of a project that need to be considered to integrate FOUNDATION fieldbus technology successfully into the process automation infrastructure of an enterprise. The sections build up a summary of the key considerations associated with each of the main phases of the project - Project Management; Project Investment; Project Design & Engineering; Project Implementation; Operations & Maintenance. All 8 parts have now been published!

For further details; download links; contents table -  click 'read more'

Download Latest Part in Eight Part Series:

User Guide Part 8

User Guide Part 8 - Plain Text Version

User Guide Series

Download Abstract

Download Full Part



   User Guide Part 1 - Introduction

User Guide Part 1 - Introduction (Plain Text Version)  

Part 1

Abstract Part 1

User Guide Part 1

User Guide Part 1 (Plain Text Version)

Part 2

Abstract Part 2

User Guide Part 2

User Guide Part 2 (Plain Text Version)

Part 3

Abstract Part 3

   User Guide Part 3

   User Guide Part 3 - Plain Text Version

Part 4

Abstract Part 4

User Guide Part 4

User Guide Part 4 - Plain Text Version     

Part 5

Abstract Part 5

   User Guide Part 5

   User Guide Part 5 - Plain Text Version

Part 6 

 Abstract Part 6  

   User Guide Part 6

User Guide Part 6 - Plain Text Version   

Part 7

Abstract Part 7

  User Guide Part 7

User Guide Part 7 - Plain Text Version  

Part 8

Abstract Part 8

      User Guide Part 8

   User Guide Part 8 - Plain Text Version



User Guide Table of Contents:



Chapter 1

Introducing the User Guide

Part 1:


User Guide - Implementing a FOUNDATION Fieldbus Project


1.1: Executive Summary


1.2: Recommended Technical Resources


Chapter 2

Overview of FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Part 2:

Chapter 3

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Project Management - Minimising Project Risk


3.1: Proven Technology


3.2: Project Evaluation

Part 3:


3.3: Training


3.4: Project Partners


3.5: Procedures, Work Processes and Documentation


3.6: Risk Management


3.7: Testing

Part 4:

Chapter 4

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Project Investment


 4.1: Project Planning - CAPEX


4.2: Project Engineering and Installation - CAPEX

Part 5:


4.3: Commissioning - CAPEX


4.4: Project Start-Up - CAPEX

Part 6:


4.5: Operations and Maintenance - OPEX

Part 7:

Chapter 5

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Project Design & Engineering


5.1: Host Selection Considerations


5.2: Field Device Selection Considerations


5.3: Segment Component Selection Considerations

Part 8:


5.4: Network/Segment Topology Design Considerations


5.5: Host/Device Interoperability Testing


Chapter 6

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Project Implementation - Conclusion & Checklist







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