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Rua Moniz de Aragão S/N
Ilha do FundãoCidade Universitária
Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Brasil 21945/970 

Phone: +55 21 3938-7211 (Ramal 4)
+55 21 99818-0599 (Alessandro Jacoud)
+55 21 99376-1286 (Rodrigo Carneiro)

Fax: +55 21 2562 8602


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About LEAD

The Laboratory for Engineering of Application and Development of Control and Automation (LEAD) from COPPE / UFRJ is the first Latin American laboratory to be accredited by the American standardization institution FieldComm Group. LEAD, which is linked to the Electrical Engineering Program of COPPE, will now be able to offer courses following the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus protocol training program (FCTP - FOUNDATION Certified Training Program). The first course that is to be given by LEAD is "Installations, Certification and Diagnostics of Industrial Networks". This training course is "Physical Layer Installer". Furthermore, the Laboratory is seeking certification of other courses in the "Professional" and "Technical Specialist" categories.

The courses aim to impart up-to-date know how with the participants on installation, modules and diagnostic software as well as certification of industrial networks according to the FieldComm Group norms. There will be 20 hours of instruction, with an emphasis on practical classes, and a maximum of eight students per class. The target participants for the course will be engineers, engineering technicians, technologists/technicians, system integrators, instrumentation and automation engineers and technicians, commissioning specialists and instrumentation technicians who wish to up-date their knowledge concerning installations and diagnostics of networks. The LEAD website will soon provide further information on certification by the FieldComm Group and on the training courses to be offered. The costs, regulations and dates of the courses will also be announced soon.



Installation and diagnostics for FF Networks

Course Outline:

Day 1 - Morning


FOUNDATION Fieldbus Characteristics
How FF Protocol Works?
The Fieldbus Foundation
FF projects history
Digital Protocols and applications
FF vs. HART / FF vs. other protocols
Asset Management / Field Devices
FF cables, Cable glands, Connectors
Junction box, Couplers, FBPS, Terminators
Anti-Surge protection  

Day 1 - Afternoon


FF Topologies
Grounding and shielding concepts
Anti-surge installation
Hands-On (MT03-002F-01 – Chapter 1)
Area classification
Safe area installation
Explosion-proof and Intrinsically safe installation

Day 2 - Morning

Redundant Trunk
Hands-On (MT03-002F-01 – Chapter 2)
Wire Crimping
Installation and comissioning
Hands On (MT03-001F-02)
Hands On (MT03-001F-06)

Day 2 - Afternoon


Segment commissioning
Segment diagnostics
Hands-On (MT03-001E-01 or MT03-001Y-01 or
Additional exercises (based on discussions)

Day 3 - Morning


Exams (Theory) – 1 hour
Exams (Hands On - Installation) – 1,5 hour
Exams (Hands On - Troubleshooting) – 1,5 hour



Exams should take place at LEAD course room during 3rd day afternoon.


Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Hands-on during classes 10% of the grade
  2. Theory exam 20% of the grade
  3. Installation exam (hands-on) 35% of the grade
  4. Troubleshooting exam (hands-on) 35% of the grade
  5. To obtain the certificate one should sum at least 80%



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