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Sonatrach Algeria Invites French Marketing Committee To Speak At JST8

Félix Chaïb, Vice-Chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation French Marketing Committee, had the honour of being invited by Sonatrach Algeria, the state owned oil & gas company, to participate in the recent 8ème Journées Scientifiques et Techniques (JST8) du Secteur de l'Energie et des Mines (8th scientific and technical days for the Algerian Energy and Mines Sector) which took place at the Hilton Hotel, Algiers, on November 18-19 2008.

The JST8 event is a key event at which technological updates are shared between engineers throughout the Algerian energy and mines sector, and in particular, it is an event at which Sonatrach Algeria engineers may be introduced to new technologies and where the company's technical guidelines for the future may be established.

Félix Chaïb addressed an audience of over 40 engineers with a focused technical presentation "Foundation Fieldbus - an architecture dedicated to process control". This was followed by a constructive question and answer session moderated by M. Rabeh Touileb and M. Youcef Djalti.

Marc Van Pelt, Vice-President Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Operations, said, "It was a great honour to be invited to take part in the JST8 event. It is a privilege to address such a high calibre audience and to introduce them to the benefits that Foundation technology can bring a process in terms of unifying process integrity, business intelligence and open, scalable integration as part of a plant-wide solution. We look forward to future cooperation".


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