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University of Miskolc, Hungary, Applies For FOUNDATION Certified Training Centre Accreditation

The Fieldbus Foundation has announced that the University of Miskolc, Hungary, will shortly commence the rigorous certification process required to become a training site that offers fieldbus training courses certified under the Foundation Certified Training Program (FCTP). This program establishes uniform standards for fieldbus educational curriculum around the globe, and defines acceptable levels of learning for students of the technology. Once successful in the FCTP accreditation process, the Univerisity of Miskolc will become the preferred site for Fieldbus Foundation training for the Central & Eastern Europe region.

The FCTP is intended to raise the visibility and prestige of institutions offering certified Foundation fieldbus training to a new and exclusive level. Educational facilities that successfully complete a multi-stage certification process can issue certificates showing the Fieldbus Foundation accredits their courses. They also gain recognition from the foundation on its website.

There are rigorous procedures that educational institutions must follow in order to gain certified training site status, and for certifying course instructors and curriculum. Certified training centers are required to maintain multiple hosts and devices onsite in order to demonstrate competence with fieldbus technology. They are also audited to ensure their course material adheres to set instructional standards covering fieldbus segment limits; device replacements; commands, icons, menus and screen designs of different software packages; and communication, scheduling and function block assignments enabling configuration.

In addition, certified instructors are audited to see if they have achieved specified Fieldbus Foundation training goals. Instructors must demonstrate expertise in areas such as Human-Machine Interface (HMI) tools, fieldbus troubleshooting, simple device configuration, and device deployment and functionality across a fieldbus network.

Jürgen George, chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation Central & Eastern Europe Marketing Committee (FFCEEMC), is looking forward to the prospect of a future certified training centre in the CEE region. "One of the key objectives of the FFCEEMC is to provide technical training, support and information about Foundation technology and its applications to users and potential users throughout the CEE region at a local venue and, where possible, in a local language". He continued, "To have a registered training centre in Hungary that can support the region's technical training needs will be a great achievement for all those involved."

There are currently two training centres that are certified under the FCTP - STC Brielle, The Netherlands, and the Fieldbus Center at Lee College, Baytown, Texas. For more information about the FCTP and fieldbus training sites, please visit the Fieldbus Foundation's website.


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